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"Chasing Nightmares" - The Pear Remix

Meet Jackie

Find the courage to speak your truth.​

New Jersey singer-songwriter Jackie June channels this guiding principle into her 2019 debut EP Wildflower. Truth has remained a challenging force for the songstress, having spent most of her life suppressing her undying passion for music.

Now, secure in her footing and firm in her voice, June shares her story of apprehension with the world, instructing those both young and old that it’s never too late to leap forward into your truth. Finally harnessing her voice and speaking as the narrator of her own story, June accesses the most authentic version of herself.​

Wildflower finds kinship with the sonically delicate and lyrically poignant pop discographies of artists from Michelle Branch and Rachel Platten to Lady Gaga and Adele. And, more personally, June’s infectious refrains and whimsical instrumentation harken back to the 90s airwaves that inspired her youth. ​

Having already shared her message of self-love and self-actualization in her singles “Wildflower” and “Chasing Nightmares,” June explores a deeper vulnerability in Wildflower, finally taking off her mask and finding beauty in the broken.

Since the release of her debut EP, Jackie has gone on to open for 80s pop icon, Tiffany, 2000s pop star Ryan Cabrera, play Sofar Sounds, release 3 new singles, three music videos, and tour the East Coast. June’s latest release, August 2021, is a 3 song Michelle Branch tribute EP! Stay tune for more


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